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"В теории нет никакой разницы 
 между теорией и практикой. 
 На практике есть." 
Yogi Bear

"В теорії немає ніякої різниці
 між теорією та практикою.
 На практиці є."
Yogi Bear
"In theory there is no difference
 between theory and  practice.
 But in practice, there is."

Yogi Bear

After the event

For the first time
The exhibition-forum of innovative technologies
"Innovation Market" 2016
It held 22 - 24 November 2016
International Exhibition Centre (Ukraine, Kyiv)

The event was held in conjunction with a specially
XV International Industrial Forum - 2016
to promote synergy and symbiosis
between science and business


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The preparation of Innovation Forum is organized and coordinated  by the International Exhibition Centre (IEC)

The initiative group in IEC nominated Oleksandr Zubariev as a key manager for the organization and development of the exhibition and forum
"Innovation Market"
He is head of the Laboratory for commercialization and technology transfer, intellectual property Research Institute of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine
and president of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Council of Inventors and Innovators"

Joint Initiative

     "Laboratory of commercialization and technology transfer" with elements of public-private partnership is established with the assistance of the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Council of inventors and innovators" and the Research Institute of Intellectual Property National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine.

     The Presidium of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine has approved the change in the structure of the Research Institute of Intellectual Property National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine and the establishment of the laboratory by Decree № 91/9 of the Presidium from June 22, 2015.    

Basic principles of the "Laboratory of commercialization and technology transfer" are the following:

  •      The cycle of successive remote training in a series of US experience for application in Ukraine: "International practice preparation technologies for commercialization in the foreign market", developed by request of and with the participation of Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Council of inventors and innovators"

  •      Scientific development "Regulation Systems Technology Transfer Network of Regional Centers of Innovation Development State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Innovations" (certificate of copyright registration number 34844 from 07.09.2010)

  •      Project recommendations contained in the book of the same name "The harmonization and synchronization of European and Ukrainian innovation programs", Kyiv, Ltd. Publisher "Sinta West", 2011 (p. 48-51,)

  •      The experience of the International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies "New Time", which was held annually from 2005 to 2013 in Sevastopol, a practice which, together with expert knowledge of the Institute, is also the foundation created Laboratory of commercialization and technology transfer - >>>

  •       “Practical training of project preparation to different calls of HORIZON 2020”

  Services Laboratory and Institute - >>>click here

   Expert Сonsultants Laboratory

Is it timely during the crisis?

        In China, the country of ancient wisdom, the word "crisis"               is written with two characters:


  危 - 1-st hieroglyph means  danger, threat
  - 2-d hieroglyph means opportunity, chance
So It said John Kennedy - 35th President of the United States

       It follows that the Americans, the Chinese wisdom, many years ago began to be used to their advantage, even before the authors' wisdom of the Chinese.

In Ukraine there are two components of the foregoing.
It's time to get to work?
Use the chance! But, do not forget to be careful ...


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tel: +38 050 913 8532

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